Developing innovative technologies and new business opportunities requires exceptional competencies. Ricoh Innovations excels through close collaboration between teams with a range of skill sets in science, technology, ethnography, design and engineering.

The Ricoh Innovations' R&D team leads our development of new technologies and builds on core competencies including computational optics, image processing, data analysis, wireless communication, network appliances and cloud services. The research team focuses on developing technologies that realize Ricoh Innovations’ vision of The Infinite Network. Elements include new devices to populate the network; sensors to connect people, objects and workspaces; technologies to capture and process data; and solutions that provide tasks and location-specific information of value to the user’s context.

The user experience team brings together insights about people, technology and trends to create more valuable, surprising, highly usable products and services. This cross-disciplinary team consists of engineers, anthropologists and designers, using ethnographic methods to develop a deep understanding of the latent needs people have in everyday workplace situations, as well as opportunities to make work more fun and engaging.

The industrial design team creates design concepts through careful study of people’s essential activities and needs. By incorporating user-centered approaches like interviews, observations, surveys and evaluations into the design process, the resulting industrial- and user-interface designs add emotional depth and meaning to leading-edge technologies.