Imagine an infinite network of connected people, devices and information. With connectivity to all and everything. Connectivity to the point that the notion of 'connecting' disappears. This is our vision of The Infinite Network.

The Infinite Network has the potential to provide infinite value. Access to all information. Complete communication. People working creatively, collaboratively, seamlessly. Control over your local devices and your environment.

Ricoh Innovations’ motivation is to create this value by both expanding and localizing The Infinite Network.

We expand The Infinite Network by populating and enriching it, developing intelligent sensors and devices to extend connectivity, capture data and connect people.

We localize The Infinite Network by presenting connectivity of value, creating processes to extract, organize and present information. Personalized, anticipatory information that is context- and location-aware. Information that creates serendipity.

Ricoh Innovations is developing the technology and services to realize this vision.